GLENMONT, NY (Oct. 1, 2015) – As hurricane Joaquin continues to intensify, the National Weather Service is urging residents in the Northeast to prepare for severe weather. Heavy rain and gusty winds are anticipated with flooding likely. Farm Family urges severe weather safety and offers the following tips to help prepare yourself and property before a storm: • Invest in a weather radio • Remain aware of weather conditions in your area • Heed all storm and tornado warnings • Determine the safest location in your home to take shelter (basement, interior rooms, etc.) • Move vehicles into a garage In addition, Farm Family has claims teams on standby in the event policyholders experience severe weather-related claims. For personalized service, policyholders can visit their local agent’s office or call Farm Family’s 24-hour claims hotline at 1.800.948-3276. If property damage does occur, Farm Family encourages policyholders to wait to make repairs until an adjuster can complete a property inspection. If immediate action is absolutely necessary to prevent further damage, make sure it’s safe to make repairs and take time to thoroughly document the damage. All repair-related receipts should be saved so they can be included in claim reports. For those policyholders who sustained vehicle damage, appraisers will be available to assist with inspections.